plant-949111_960_720Our new CD OPEN MINDED will be released soon!

In any case there are some surprises to be heard! One can look forward to a very different and exciting music!

The name of the CD OPEN MINDED is part of the program. The musicians of the Vienna Brass Connection are unprejudiced, unbiased and open to new ideas – this is reflected in their music and attitude towards life.

The list of the involved people in this CD production is worth seeing. Here the credits to make you want the new CD OPEN MINDED:

Johannes Kafka conductor | Thomas Bachmair trumpet | Gerhard Berndl trumpet | Martin Griebltrumpet | Christian Hollensteiner trumpet | Johannes Moritz trumpet | Michael Schwaighofer trumpet | Peter Dorfmayr horn | Manuel Egger horn | Manuel Huber horn | Klaus Leherbauer horn | Stefan Obmann trombone | Christian Poitinger basstrombone | Martin Riener trombone, euphonium | Raphael Stieger trombone | Christian Winter trombone, euphonium | Christoph Gigler tuba | Markus Nimmervolltuba | Georg Hasibeder percussion | Leonhard Königseder percussion | Patrick Prammer percussion | Vincent Schirrmacher tenor | Marie-Christine Klettner violin

Preiser Records Label | Dominik Vsetecka Design | Roland Baumann Record Engineering | Lorenz RaabJoseph Mittermeier Masters of Recording | Stefan Obmann Production Manager | Zopf PhotographyManfred LangerNancy HorowitzKlaus Leherbauer Photos | Alban Berg Saal der Carinthischen Musikakademie Stift Ossiach Recording Location

Science-Gala 2015

The Vienna Brass Connection played at the Science-Gala 2015 in Grafenegg:

Festival „Cuivres en Dombes“

On 25th of July 2015, the Vienna Brass Connection played at the prestigious brassfestival Cuivres en Dombes near Lyon in the country of good food and even better wine: in France.

But this weekend we really had bad luck. Because apparently so many pilots of the Austrian Airlines are suffering from a serious summer flu (get well soon!), we slid into some problems:

At first we was afraid, that no one of us will get to the festival in time. But we luckily could solve this problem. But three of us missed the connecting flight from Zurich to Lyon because of a delayed flight. A later flight took them to Geneva. However, they only came to the second half of our concert.

Our four trombonists of Trombone Attraction played the first half spontaneous (thank you!), until we were finally complete and could finish the concert in full size and full power.

Finally, it was a wonderful and very atmospheric concert – despite of the many problems – in front of a wonderful audience…

Festival “Cuivres en Dombes”

25.07.2015 | 09:00 pm | F – 01330 Villars-les-Dombes

festival-musique-rhone-alpesOn 25th of July 2015, the Vienna Brass Connection plays at the prestigious brassfestival Cuivres en Dombes near Lyon in the country of good food and even better wine: in France. We are looking forward not only to the culinary tasting, but also on a special concert in front of a huge audience, which has seen the best international brass groups in the last years.

We need to learn a little bit French: rien ne va plus, c’est la vie, au revoir…

The Vienne Brass Connection in St. Peter / Au

11.07.2015 | 07:00 pm | A-  3352 St. Peter / Au | Carl Zeller Halle

The Vienna Brass Connection has a concert one more time in St. Peter / Au with new highlights. It will be loud, soft, fast and slow, very high and very deep …

The arrangement of the Vienna Brass Connection of the famous “Carmen Fantasy”, a solo piece for violin, will be played by Stefan Pöchhacker (Wiener Symphoniker). This solo piece for violin and piano or orchestra, which is based on melodies from the famous opera “Carmen” by Georges Bizet, is an absolute bravura piece. Let yourself be inspired!



The Vienna Brass Connection and Marie Christine Klettner (violin)

29.05.2015 | 08:00 pm | A – 5500 Bischofshofen | Wielandner Halle
Bischofshofen Summer Festival 2015

One thing will be clear: one highlight follows the other. The Vienna Brass Connection performs film music and makes you wander what was there first: the music or the film? It conjures up wonderful images; crystal clear and in 3D.

It gets really exciting when this huge brass ensemble plays the incredible virtuoso “Carmen Fantasy” with the multi-award winning violinist Marie Christine Klettner, a native from Salzburg. This solo piece for violin and piano or orchestra, which is based on melodies from the famous opera “Carmen” by Georges Bizet, is an absolute piece of bravura. On the occasion of Bischofshofen Summer Festival 2015, that special piece will be arranged especially for the Vienna Brass Connection and the young violinist Marie Christine Klettner – be inspired!


Foto: Oczlon

Concert: Without Fear

30.03.2015 | 07:30 pm | A – 4020 Linz | music theater Linz


Woodstock der Blasmusik in Concert in the brand new music theater in Linz – a refreshing change and the best opportunity for all visitors to be convinced that brass bands can be much more than you might think. (The Press)

In this program the young musicians demonstrate that you do not need to fear. Don’t be afraid of brass; or classical music. Especially not if both meet each other…


No stress before Christmas!

Believe it or not: Christmas comes closer and closer. We would like to take the stress away and help you finding the right present: our CD “Take One”! That is just a name – you can easily order much more of them on our website.