The Vienna Brass Connection in times of the Corona crisis

Unfortunately our concert in Lower Austria at the beginning of July 2020 had to be cancelled – but there is an alternative date in July 2021! How it looks like with our concerts in France and Germany in summer is still in the stars…

It’s gonna be okay. It will.

In the meantime, you can visit us on our YouTube channel, or listen to our CDs on iTunes or Spotify

We would of course be happy and feel even more appreciated if you order CDs directly from us!

All the best and see you soon!

LIVE Alte Oper Frankfurt March 2019

mission@turan.imp (excerpts) 
LIVE @ Alte Oper Frankfurt – March 2019
Lalo Shiffrin, Giacomo Puccini | Arrangement: Leonhard Paul (Mnozil Brass)
Brass Machine
LIVE ENCORE @ Alte Oper Frankfurt – March 2019
Mark Taylor | Arrangement: Vienna Brass Connection 

Villach, Gunskirchen, Frankfurt – March 2019

In Vienna they are called Frankfurter. In Frankfurt they are called Wiener. In this case, this is wurscht (adjective; Viennese for “it doesn’t matter”). It is also difficult to give the music of the Vienna Brass Connection a clear name. In March 2019 in Villach, Gunskirchen and at the big debut concert in Germany at the Alte Oper Frankfurt a melange (subjective; frz. mélange  “mixture”, Viennese coffee speciality) from selected works by Giacomo Puccini, Richard Strauss, Lalo Shifrin and John Williams will be served.


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High Resolution Audio (HiResAudio) is the highest sound quality currently available. Much better than the compressed formats that you can find online. But also better than an usual CD. The recordings in HiResAudio sound far more detailed, the quality is breathtaking.

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