January 30 2022 – Musiktheater Linz

Sunday, January 30 2022 | 7:30 PM | A – 4020 Linz | Musiktheater, Großer Saal (Am Volksgarten 1)

The concert winter at the Musiktheater Linz has just been extended. On January 30, 2022, the Vienna Brass Connection will perform their program “Klangfilet” in the Great Hall of the Musiktheater Linz. They will take over the concert evening of the Canadian ensemble “Canadian Brass”, who unfortunately had to cancel their European tour due to a corona case.

… serviert von siebzehn Blechbläsern und drei Schlagwerkern, unter der Leitung von Johannes Kafka.

Tickets & Info: www.landestheater-linz.at

The Vienna Brass Connection in times of the Corona crisis

Unfortunately our concert in Lower Austria at the beginning of July 2020 had to be cancelled – but there is an alternative date in July 2021! How it looks like with our concerts in France and Germany in summer is still in the stars…

It’s gonna be okay. It will.

In the meantime, you can visit us on our YouTube channel, or listen to our CDs on iTunes or Spotify

We would of course be happy and feel even more appreciated if you order CDs directly from us!

All the best and see you soon!

Villach, Gunskirchen, Frankfurt – March 2019

In Vienna they are called Frankfurter. In Frankfurt they are called Wiener. In this case, this is wurscht (adjective; Viennese for “it doesn’t matter”). It is also difficult to give the music of the Vienna Brass Connection a clear name. In March 2019 in Villach, Gunskirchen and at the big debut concert in Germany at the Alte Oper Frankfurt a melange (subjective; frz. mélange  “mixture”, Viennese coffee speciality) from selected works by Giacomo Puccini, Richard Strauss, Lalo Shifrin and John Williams will be served.

Concert at the festival Internationale Konzerttage Stift Zwettl

Sunday, 8th of July 2018 | 4:00 PM | Stift Zwettl
A – 3910 Zwettl

A concert of the Vienna Brass Connection in two parts as great final of the festival Internationale Konzerttage Stift Zwettl 2018. The concert begins lyrically brilliantly in the beautiful Stiftskirche. The Vienna Brass Connection is supported by the internationally renowned organist Hans-Ola Ericsson. The second part takes place as an open air in the inner courtyard of the Stift Zwettl.

The Vienna Brass Connection will shake the old and venerable walls of the abbey. But there is no danger: the concert was approved by the Federal Monuments Office and even higher levels… –> TICKETS

(c) Stift Zwettl

Concert: kaleidoskop – organ.brass.voice

Friday, 31st of August 2018 | 8:00 PM | Mariendom Linz
A – 402010 Linz

On August 31, 2018, the Vienna Brass Connection plays together with the organist of the cathedral Wolfgang Kreuzhuber, as well as the two renowned soloists Theresa Grabner and Christa Ratzenböck, a charity concert for the initiative Pro Mariendom, which has set itself the task of preserving the largest church in Austria, the Linzer Mairendom.

Info | Mariendom Linz
Wolfgang KreuzhuberTheresa GrabnerChrista Ratzenböck 

Foto: broxxcom (Flickr) | https://www.flickr.com/people/103774465@N05/