Vienna Brass Connection.  [viˈenə] [brɑ:s] [kəˈnekʃən].

Packed with power, with the focus onto the only thing that matters: the moment. Here and now.

Seventeen brass players and three percussionists from Austria came together in Vienna to create an ensemble: the Vienna Brass Connection.

Not even the fact that they all hold positions in leading orchestras in Austria and Germany (Wiener Philharmoniker, Wiener Symphoniker, Wiener Staatsoper, Wiener Volksoper, Radio-Symphonieorchester Wien, Tonkünstler-Orchester Niederösterreich, Mozarteumorchester Salzburg, Grazer Philharmoniker, Bayerische Staatsoper München and WDR Sinfonieorchester Köln) has stopped them from forming an ensemble whose goal it is to captivate and thrill the audience.

// Johannes Kafka conductor | Thomas Bachmair trumpet | Gerhard Berndl trumpet | Martin Griebl trumpet | Christian Hollensteiner trumpet | Johannes Moritz trumpet | Michael Schwaighofer trumpet | Michael Stückler vienna horn | Manuel Egger vienna horn | Manuel Huber vienna horn | Klaus Leherbauer vienna horn | Stefan Obmann trombone | Christian Poitinger basstrombone | Martin Riener trombone, euphonium | Raphael Stieger trombone | Christian Winter trombone, euphonium | Christoph Gigler tuba | Markus Nimmervoll tuba | Georg Hasibeder percussion | Leonhard Königseder percussion | Patrick Prammer percussion // //

Music that takes you through all the physical states possible.
Where the flugelhorn sounds like a shy little squirrel; where the trombones and trumpets cut the air into tiny strips with their sharp sound and then, just a few moments later, tie them into beautiful ribbons; where horns can wear horns and tubas can be real tubas; where the percussion isn’t banished to the off-beat; where a violin goes eye to eye with a herd of brass, tamed only through sensitive conducting, and a tenor goes against a brass avalanche and still comes out the other side as the radiant hero he is; where you get an hour of music you never would have expected, music which takes you through all physical states – there you will find “Open Minded”, the Vienna Brass Connection’s youngest offspring. Fantastic music, challenging arrangements, lead competently and intelligently by Johannes Kafka and interpreted wonderfully by each and every musician in the ensemble. — Leonhard Paul, Mnozil Brass

The Vienna Brass Connection is a very unique ensemble full of esprit and charm. Listening to their music is a real pleasure. — Cornelius Meister, conductor

A wonderful ensemble consisting of young, ambitious musicians who, not only, have incredible technical skills, but who also let you feel the utter joy they experience when making music together. — Dietmar Küblböck, trombone, Wiener Philharmoniker

The young , Austrian brass scene is sending us an incredible sign of life. — Thomas Jöbstl, vienna horn, Wiener Philharmoniker

The Vienna Brass Connection is a young brass ensemble that has yet to find its match. You can feel the tremendous energy of these young brass players. They command my respect! — Hans Gansch, trumpet

What makes the Vienna Brass Connection so special is the young, dynamic musicians, the fantastic arrangements and the unique sound they have. I am sure we will hear a lot more wonderful music from this ensemble in times to come. — Alexander von Puttkamer, tuba, Berliner Philharmoniker